Jim's Poem

I can't wait to go to heaven and hear the heavenly choir sing.
I cant wait to feel the joy and all the glory it will bring.
I can't wait to see God's love shining brighter than the sun,
And to meet all of my loved ones as I greet them one by one.

Can you imagine how divine that day I meet my maker it will be,
To see God in His glory, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, see them all three.
I can't wait to feel the wonder of that moment without end,
To feel God's mercy shining, knowing it will never end, I can't wait.

Every day I spend on earth is a blessing from above,
For I know that God is with me, I can always feel His love.
But nothing will surpass that great feeling when I'm gone
And pass through the gate of heaven to meet that heavenly throng.
I can't wait.

By Doris Watters (Jim's Sister)