Marsha - Our Sister

Marsha’s brothers and sisters gathered last night to reflect on life’s gifts that Marsha shared with us as we all grew up. We want to share some of those thoughts with you today.

Before Marsha was married and a mother she was a mother to her younger siblings in many ways. As we grew up on Pine Street she brought peace and harmony to a household of 5 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers. She was a referee and a teacher, a counselor and a confessor, a friend and an advisor. And when she became a wife and a mother she left her siblings’ household a bit sad at the loss of her presence.

Marsha was always there for a little sisterly advice when her siblings were faced with the crises that challenge us all as we grow and mature. She taught many of us to accept people for who they are and not to judge others, but to seek and nurture the good that is surely there.

Marsha taught us to remember family. This was a message that became a resounding theme as we all established our individual families – that we must come together, and in doing so remember not only our independence, but our interdependence as well.

All our lives Marsha was the consummate sister. She set an example for us all to follow – to reach out to our siblings, to not only be devoted to our own spouses and children, but to embrace all our extended family members in patience and understanding and to always seek God’s love in all our relationships.

Much of Marsha’s beauty was in her happiness. Her infectious laughter spread that beauty to others. That she was a happy person invited those around her to enjoy life and be excited by living each and every day with joy and laughter.

Marsha believed that we learn to love from each other. In that love we find unity of faith and family. She was truly a witness in living the way God wants us to live.

So … from those loving remembrances we have a message from Marsha that we will always carry with us…

M – a Mother to many, even before she was a mother

A – Always there when she was needed

R – simply, Remember family

S – She defined the meaning of Sister

H – Be Happy, otherwise what is life for

A – All the love you have must be shared with those around you all the time